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dress code

proper dress is important for a successful dance class.  dress code will be enforced in all classes and you may be notified if your dancer is not properly dressed for class.  

all dancers must wear a leotard, regardless of dance style. 

class requirements


black leotard

pink tights & pink ballet shoes

black shorts may be worn over tights

no skirts

jazz, hip hop & funk fusion

black leotard

black capri pants or shorts

jazz shoes

black shoes will be worn for the recital


black leotard

black capri pants or shorts

pink tights

black tap shoes

boys class

white t-shirt

black capri pants or shorts

black jazz shoes

hair & jewelry

all dancers must have their hair securely fastened away from their face and neck.  buns are required for all ballet dancers.


jewelry beyond small stud earrings should not be worn to dance class and if worn, dancers will be asked to remove it. 

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