frequently asked questions


your dancer can join the team as young a 6 years old, but must be a good listener and be able to participate and focus in an hour long rehearsals

required classes

your dancer will be required to take ballet class at the appropriate level.

the team has additional conditioning and technique classes as well.

additional practices

comp dancers will have group rehearsal outside of normal class times, typically scheduled on friday evenings or saturday mornings to mid-afternoons


the teachers and dancers focus on proper technique. participants learn choreography, the value hard work and discipline, but also have a lot of fun. the entire team supports each other, including the parents. we become a family.

extra costs

there is extra cost involved to participate with the team which will vary based on age, number of dances, and levels. 

each dance has a costume as well as tan jazz shoes, tights, and leotards. 


we typically compete in four regional competitions located in wisconsin, usually in green bay, madison area, or milwaukee area in mid-february to late april.

if the dance qualifies for nationals, we travel to wisconsin dells in mid june.


getting a hotel is optional. regional competitions span 2 to 3 days. if dancers are in multiple pieces, they may dance on each day. some families get a hotel or stay with local family or friends and some opt to drive back and forth each day. most try to stay to watch all team pieces compete to support each other.

dance moms

(and dads!)

our dance moms are a great resource for information and can answer many of your questions.

as a team, we help each other out. if you need help with hair or makeup or carpooling, we are willing to help.